New York City Satellite and Antenna Equipment Removal Services

Are you trying to get rid of your satellite dish or antenna?

Unfortunately DIRECTV, DISH, HUGHESNET and AT&T customers discover that the service provider will not remove their own equipment. Homeowners and businesses often struggle to find a reliable company with local technicians. But we can help!

Dish Disposal has been trusted to remove thousands of satellite dishes and antennas in New York City, New York and nationwide. Whether mounted in the yard, on the roof, or on the side of a building, we have it covered. We offer a hassle-free experience with a service guarantee. You never have to see that equipment again, no matter the reason.

Customers' Top Reasons To Remove Satellite Dishes

Our professional technicians will complete the job for you in a timely and responsible manner and a reasonable price. Click here to see our pricing. Place your order today!

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